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Bigger than The Heats

I finally fulfilled a life long dream last night and performed alongside Liberty X (ok, actually the dream was to be a Spice Girl but we all knew that was impossible for several reasons.... least of all I can't walk in platforms).

I was honoured to be invited to perform at the Manchester Pride Benefit in front of a packed crowd. Yes, everyone was in black tie. Yes, I forgot and turned up in double denim. Yes, it was an excellent night raising thousands of pounds to support the Manchester Queer community.

I got to see Liberty X perform and stand right up front singing all the words (even to the lesser hints). They even suggested they'd come try the aerial silks next time they're in Birmingham.

Also, in the brochure, my photo was bigger than my "dream celeb best friend" Michelle Heaton. Mum, I've made it

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