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A podcast for reliving and reloving your favourite pop culture moments.

The girls are back in town. In series 1 we gave you what you want... what you really REALLY want. A whole series dedicated to THE SPICE GIRLS! So we covered the greatest selling girlband of the 90s so in series 2 its the best selling girlband of the 00s.... THE SUGABABES!

Each episode we will be follow a different girlband member through their solo career after the band broke up. We'll be reminding you of all the things you didn't know you'd forgotten. The albums, the talent show judging, the yoga dvds. Everything.

Say you'll be there and subscribe below so you never miss an episode. Or follow us on our socials for extra content including look books and fun facts. We are @podofthepops on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Listen and subscribe now on Apple podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud by clicking the links below. Or search for "Pod of the Pops" wherever you get your podcasts

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