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Sunday, 31st May 1998. The Bangladeshi president had been assassinated, Manchester united had just won the world cup. John Prescott was celebrating his 60th birthday.  And Geri Halliwell officially announced she had left the Spice Girls.


Global front page headlines ensued. A whirlwind of media attention around their world tour. And some horrendous hair choices from Mel C. In this episode we relive and relove the Spice Girls break up. This is Pod of the Pops.


If you remember where you were when you found out, send us your story on our social medias. You can talk to us on Instagram, facebook, twitter @podofthepops – we’d love to hear your reaction to Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls.


In the lead up to the announcement they had missed two shows in Norway, on their tour, and an appearance on the National Lottery.

This was MAJOR BBC news. Like, when they performed alone that made ALL headlines.

The BBC used the WORST image of Geri on their interview clip. She’s literally caught mid lyric gurning. Humiliating. The vultures started circling INSTANTLY.


This was all happening whilst they were on a 97 date world tour, which had started in february. So when Geri leaves the Spice Girls, they have to rechoreograph an entire production; and change up the vocals in 9 days.

Because Geri left 9 days before their sold out 40 date, North American leg of the tour. Rumours of people wanting refunds on tickets.

And their single, Viva Forever, featuring Geri was released in July – nearly 2 months later. Video had already been shot; not in it due to time pressures of tour.

Video took 5 months to make (considerably longer than SpiceWorld the movie). And went to number 1 in the UK.


In this episode we go on to talk about:

  • Their scrapped live album and animated Disney movie.

  • Their SpiceWorld world tour success

  • Them getting sued by a motorbike brand and setting legislation in the UK

  • The Spice Girls on tour in America documentary which gave Aaron one of his favourite Victoria Beckham quotes: “The easiest things are the hardest to do”.

  • The maligned Forever album produced by Darkchild which has been described for 10 years as a failure and a flop….. but do you know how many copies they sold? A lot. More than Dua Lipa sold last year. #fact.

  • 3 more UK number one singles: Viva Forever, Goodbye and double A-side Holler/ Let Love Lead the way

  • The 200 brit awards performance as they collect their Contribution to music award….. Geri was in attendance but DIDN’T join them on stage

  • Two pregnancies and two wedding


Do you know which of these UK Girlbands had the most billboard charting albums in America?

Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Little Mix, Sugababes.

We give you the answer in this episode.

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