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She’ll call you up whenever things go wrong. She’s always there she is your shoulder to cry on. She just can’t live without her phone but you don’t even have a home.


As a solo artist, she has sold 20 million records and had 2 number 1 singles. Pod of the Pops is celebrating the Solo Careers of the Spice Girls. This time it’s the turn of Sporty Spice: Melanie Jayne Chisholm.

This episode covers Sporty Spice, Mel C: battles with her weight, eating disorder, 3 albums, Number 1s, Grammy win, Spice Girls bullying, record label, dropped, lesbian rumours,


Kicks off her career the classic spice girls way – collaboration. Bryan Adams – When you’re gone.

She was not Adams first choice for duet: "When I was first doing it, I asked Sheryl Crow to do it and never heard back from her!, "I was in LA at the time and got in the lift at the hotel and in walked Mel and I said 'hey Mel!' and she said 'Hi'.

"I said: 'We should sing something together' and she said 'I'd love to!' Then I said: 'I've got one for you!'"


Was written by Eliot Kennedy who worked on a number of the Spice Girls hits (Say you’ll be there and Love Thing). Went to number 3.


She signed with Virgin records and began recording the album. Couple months before going  back into the studio for Forever (So would have her solo music ready to go while having to go and sing Holler!).

She recorded with LA; worked with William Orbit and the main producer for Red Hot Chilli Peppers. She met with Madonna (and stole half the production team from Ray of Light).


The album, Northern Star, was the best selling solo album of all the girls. 4 million copies worldwide. Slow burner, singles helped build momentum – especially after a re-release in the August when Never be the same again went number 1. It peaked at number 2 in Set 2000, nearly a year after release.


We also talk about:

  • Her subsequent 2 albums: Reason, Beautiful Intentions

  • Two number one singles – never be the same again and I turn to you

  • Grammy win

  • Mel C is first female artist to writer on 11 number 1s.

  • Only female artist to have a number 1 as a solo, duet, quadret and quintet

  • The ever changing Mel C hair

  • Being dogged by rumours regarding her sexuality. Apparently, having short hair and liking football makes you a lesbian. Not.

  • Dropped by Virgin records

  • Performing in reality tv show, The Games

  • Battles with weight, image, size and eating disorder

  • Spice girls bullying, bullying with the band

  • Her dating life: Including Robbie William and Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Slam quotes on the other girls

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