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In this Spice Girls reunion 2019 podcast we discuss our predictions and the rumours regarding the Spice Girls tour starring Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Ginger Spice and not Posh Spice because she is busy.

Lets start this in February 2018. All 5 are back together at Geri's house (She keeps mentioning her new kitchen in interviews). All look great, Mel B’s hair is total “woke up like this”….. she was clearly late.

"the time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities together"


  • Reality show to find a replacement VB

  • Heidi Range from the sugababes to replace VB (Suga Spice)

  • An animated movie, with each of the girls voicing the characters of a super hero. A bit powerpuff girls and showing a new evolution of “Girl Power”…… hello, Spice Force 5 (had animated movie in the works before, remember).

October 2018: Mel B Halloween outfit. Cheapest mask ever. VB black dress wig combo. Friend in Beckham shirt. Axe NO IAM not GOING ON tour. Obvs threw it together that day.

November 2018…… we get the announcement. I mean, it was no secret but I wasn’t banking on anything until it happened.

The announcement video is amazing. Lets watch and review:

  • Dress reference. Mel B won’t let it go.

  • People power instead of Girl Power. Political position

Dec 2018 – A news report comes out stating the girls will have to change some of the lyrics to songs, because they are not PC in 2019. Specifically stated the line from Spice Up Your Life….. “Yellow man in Timbucctu”.

They are actively trying to be inclusive in that rap. Not the first time they have had to do this. There was a verse in 2 become 1 that originally went “Any deal that we endeavour, boys and girls feel good together” to “Once again if we endeavour, Love will bring us back together”. Interestingly they also gave the line to Victoria instead of Geri. So Geri sings on the album track; Victoria sings on the radio version.

I’d guess, Victoria wasn’t in the studio at the time….. busy sorting business. Which, if you remember, is what happened with Wannabe. Which Victoria has been very open about. Whereas Geri probably wrote the whole thing whilst out hugging a tree.


8th Jan

Simon Fuller quizzed about streaming and social media numbers – calling them meaningless.

"There's no music out, the streaming on Spice Girls, we don't even bother looking at it because I haven't a clue what it is, my guess is it's not very much.

"It's the fastest selling, biggest selling tour this year, because people engaged with them, they are engaged with them, the girls are awesome, they have a message which connects and we will sell out more stadiums, quicker, than any other artist on planet Earth. Fact."

Spice Girls have 333k followers on insta (They joined in 2018). Little Mix have 10.9m.

There are fan accounts who do what the Spice Girls accounts do better (name them).


Melanie B fall (I think Geri pushed her). Calls up worries about how well they will cope on tour. Injuries etc.

Melanie B and Geri confession.

  • On Piers Morgan, Mel C in the audience. Newspaper headlines invented a scandal

  • “She’s all posh in her big house now”. Saying husband would really object

  • I don’t think you marry Geri Halliwell without knowing who she is!

  • They have talked about this before. How they all kissed Mel B when she got her tongue pierced to try it out. Its just silly cruel intentions stuff.

  • Also, she doesn’t say what they did. Piers asks if they went all the way, Mel just nods.


Jess Glynne opening act controversy. Modest Management had arranged the support act. Agreed 100,000 per show. Which is 1.3 million in total(?). Apparently, this hadn’t been put past the girls. Who did not want to part with the cash?

  • Discussion around openers. Who would be good? If you want to see Jess Glynne, you book tickets for Jess Glynne.


Online shop – what will they sell.

  • I wannabe a spice girl t-shirt


  • Merchandise we would want to see brought back. Look at the twitter posts

  • Jamie @JLW1006 wants the beanbag. (Surprised it wasn’t inflatable)

  • Sarah Ramage on FB STILL has a can of the impulse.

  • My friend Lauren, wallet sized club card that said “Flash for instant girl power”. Problematic.


New music rumours

  • Diplo collaboration: him sampling one of their older songs to rework it into a summer banger. They did feature a lot of remixes….. they had club hits. Seems a smart idea….. I’m thinking of “The girl is mine” from a few years ago.


Greatest hits idea

  • What they will do. Greatest Hits revisited. With a couple of fave songs and one new track. Which will probably be a dreary ballad they recorded in 1999 and just taken Victorias vocals off. Or not, because they probably weren’t on there. And maybe a video disc. With live performances. Or a live album. Or a live tour DVD. Almost definitely a DVD

  • They should do…… 1 disc hits. 1 disc – best of the Bs. So single B sides, hits from the albums, justice for Forever. 3rd Disc – best of the solo. Couple hits from all of them, maybe the newer stuff as well as their number 1s. That album would then have 17 number 1’s on it. That’s a  great adveritising slogan.


Tour Set List…. What do we expect

  • Will they do Holler, Goodbye, Let Love Lead the Way. That’s 3 number ones without Geri on.

  • Already been revealed they will do Holler with Geri…… but they wont be doing Headlines.

  • Emma confirmed to the Official Charts company in an interview they WONT be doing solo songs. But they have lied before.

  • I predict there will be a video message of some sort from Victoria. I can’t see them ignoring her involvement. I’d like into being “Stop, slow down, take a deep breath” and end “Spice Girls, you’re out of your mind”

  • Visuals - cheaper

  • Album tracks you’d want to hear?

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