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They’re coming Right Back At Ya. All 5 Spice Girls together again. 4 become 5.


Each Spice Girl said they were unlikely to reform. Particularly Melanie C, who as recent as the April had said she wouldn't. The christening of Geris daughter, Bluebell, appeared to be the clincher.

They were meant to get together for Live8, July 2005. The hold up was Mel B, because she was in California working. Instead people were treated to Madonna, Mariah and Dido (The Adele of her day). More forgotten heros of the time: Ms Dynamite and Joss Stone

Mel C was pretty shady about it on Anne Robinsons talk show. Mel B would give a glimmer of hope by confirming their will be an album, full of new tracks and it was inevitable the girls would get back together. But we would have to wait two more years.

28th June 2007 – Announced world tour outside of Londons O2 Arena.  Lets talk looks.

  • Geri is the only one in white. Meaning she would be in the middle. You KNOW she was told all black. "We were all on the email, Geri"

  • Melanie Brown thought she was being clever by wearing a red skirt.

  • Geris dress is also truly heinous. Shapeless earth mother

  • Victoria Beckham….. The boobs, the corset, the sequin leggings. The hair!

  • Emma Bunton is an 8 month pregnant goddess

  • Mel B had given birth just 2 months previously. These girls love being pregnant around tour times. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them makes announcement next week.


Announce world tour – initially 11 dates. Dates sold out and they added an additional 16 dates. Grossed over $70million dollars. Victoria Beckham turned down a spot in the Sex and the city sequel because of touring. Geri must have been furious.

This was followed by a Greatest Hits CD in November.

  • The album artwork….. simple right. Spice Girls greatest hits album is one of the most expensive album covers ever made. Because they are REAL jewels. What a bloody waste!


Best selling girlband album of 2007, but beaten to the top by – can you guess it? Leona Lewis debut. Only made number 93 in America due to a clerical issue with retailer Victorias Secret, who weren’t registered for soundscan. Despite selling 600,000 copies in those stores alone.  


VB – Mummy was a popstar.

I love a liner note – not as much as Mel B, who didn’t have room on the page so wrote an additional section on her website. (Don’t read it Karen – she doesn’t get all her yours right).

Supported by new single “Headlines (Friendship never ends).

  • I like it more now. It has grown on me. Plush ballad….. if a little beige.

  • Mel C was not a fan. Never mind the buzzcocks. FIND.

  • Unusual composition –The Mel C power bridge comes in halfway through, before Victorias solo. Distinctly hear Victorias voice in the chorus for once.

  • Geri described it as a “Classic”. By that she means they recorded it in 1998 and gave it a musical wash. Apparently it was written back in the day, with Absolute and they just revamped it

  • Crucially, it was their only single to miss the Top 10 – clocking in at 11. Despite being the official Children in need single. First song in 10 years not to do so (Makes Baby Bunton feel better about Downtown).



  • The storyboard for this video is: 5 friends meet up after 10 years and instead of going for cocktails and talking about boys – they strut into a dark and draughty house and cavort on the furniture. That is clearly an event organised by Geri “Yo, Vicki, Emma, Mel, Mel – Crazy golf was fully booked so do you fancy going to Downton Abbey and watched me writhe against a wardrobe door in bra and gloves. This is a song about friendship, and surviving together and they spend most of it in separate rooms!

  • The only time they are actually together is when Geri and Victorias sit on a dresser and stroke each others hair. They sit on a dresser…. Despite this house being filled exclusively with furniture.  

  • They look incredibly classy and sophisticated except when, for a reason never explained, Geri is in her underwear and gloves. Scary lies down on a rug in her bra but has the decency to keep her skirt on. VB at least had the decency to wear a high fashion bra and suspender set, which looks like its made out of the leftover scraps from her “Out of your mind” video. Baby and Sporty are the only two who couldn’t find a suitable bra in Marks and Spencers and instead have to settle for seducing the phallic chandeliers


In America, the album was only released through Victoria Secret stores, in line with their performance at the Victorias Secret Lingerie Show.


  • The Tesco Christmas adverts "I want lobster"

  • The documentary "Giving you everything" - 

  • Mel B is quoted as saying “Girl power is about being a good woman to another woman. Sorting your head out. No drama, no bitchiness”…. Which, from everything they have said in the last few years AND in the documentary; they rarely did after the first two years

  • Victoria Beckhams Pob haircut - one of the most groundbreaking haircuts of the 21st century

  • Tour costumes designed by Roberto Cavalli

  • Tour issues and early cancellations, due to personal tensions and family issues

  • 2002 documentary – Seven days that shook the Spice Girls. 

  • W.O.M.A.N as the potential lead single but missed off the album.

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