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Love the Spice Girls? Pod of the Pops celebrates their career ahead of the 2019 reunion tour.

Go get yourself wet girls, I know you want to!


Geri Halliwell was the first to leave the Spice Girls in 1998 proving that friendship never ends, unless, like, you know, you’re not feeling it anymore.


She started the year with  a hand written note from Prince Charles and would go on to sing at his 50th. Of course, she sang Happy Birthday – Marilyn Monroe style – and blew him a little kiss.


That same year, she became a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Yes, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.


Of course, all of this was documented in the documentary – Geri by Molly Dineen. It’s a pretty hard hitting doc. Raw.  


She was the first to release a solo album – Schizophonic. It had a rough start but went on to feature 3 number 1 singles and chart in America.


In this episode we also talk about:

  • Geris 4 number one singles. That was (at the time) more than any other British Female Solo artist. Do you know who has beaten her since?

  • Geris 3 albums, including Scream if you wanna go faster and Passion.

  • Geris Hand Choreography

  • The Yoga DVDs

  • THAT body, after being admitted to an eating clinic due to the stress and pressures of fame

  • How Geri Halliwell literally created Girls Aloud!

Giving birth to her first baby 

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