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Picture the scene….

The day after they book their (crazy expensive) Spice Girls Reunion tour tickets.

Aaron facetimes the girls.

Its hard for him to talk because he is squealing with excitement.

Aaron: I want to do a podcast all about the Spice Girls.

Karen: What? I can’t understand him through the squealing

Lauren: I think he wants to do a podcast about the Spice Girls

Aaron: Yes BUUUUUT focus on their solo careers

Lauren: After we’ve done the big stuff, like, Wannabe and 2 Become 1 and the Spiceworld album and the movie.

Aaron: Yeah, no, I want to focus solely on their solo careers. I want to be super detailed about Victoria Beckhams lost second album about Geri Halliwells yoga DVDS and Melanie Browns many many talent show judging roles.

Lauren: He’s lost his mind

Karen: I can’t understand through the squealing

Aaron: Girls, I want you in it. Will you talk about the spice girls for 30+ hours with me?


Girls: Sure.


So heres a chance to remember. So heres a POPcast that does justice for the forgotten pop gems of the last 20 years. So heres the story from A-Z  What do you think about that, now you know how I feel? This is Pod of the Pops.


I am comedian Aaron Twitchen – an English Rose between two Scottish thistles as I am joined, as ever, by my friends Karen and Lauren.

In light of the newly announced 2019 Spice Girls tour we are dissecting the solo careers of each individual spice trying to understand how we got to here.


I’ll tell you my reason. 2 things happened…….

The Geri Halliwell sign “This is like when Geri Halliwell overestimated her viability as a solo artist and left the spice girls”. And I was tagged in it by at least 10 people who, presumably, overestimated their ability to predict opinions and thought I would agree. (one of them was Lauren). I was triggered. Its like they forgot Geri was the first british solo artist to have no. 1 records. That was the front page of newspapers for years. Sold books, merchandise, tv shows and made millions. Millions. Kerry Katona overestimating her viability and freeing Atomic Kitten – Yes. Geri. No. I was triggered.

Then, I read an article that rated their earnings since the Spice Girls and managed to summarise their entire 18 year careers – That’s right, 18 years since the Hiatus – in one paragraph. Each. And that made me angry.


So that is why we are here. This Popcast will do justice to the solo careers of the Spice girls. 5 girls who changed the shape of pop culture forever. Proving they are more than just platform shoes and pigtails.

Its reminding us of all the things you didn’t know you forgot. Each episode we will be going indepth into their music, personal and business endeavours that led us to this current reunion, and hopefully explaining why we are now a Quad Spice vehicle again. By the end of it you should not only be entertained but thoroughly informed about everything Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell. You can stand at the concert in your catsuit knowing the significance of the Herstory that brought you here.


So….. you’re probably thinking, “Who Do You Think You Are”. In this episode we will introduce ourselves and talk about our first memories of the Spice Girls. Share your first memory of te Spice Girls with us on all our social medias @podofthepops on facebook, Instagram and twitter. Please remember to like and share the show with all your Spice fan friends and remember to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

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