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According to a Stonewall study, 48% of pupils have had little to no positive messaging about being LGBT+ at school in the last year. With this huge gap in communication, how are we meant to understand queer history, social issues and positive stories of gay icons.

My new book is a collection of fun and witty essays provides insight into the major social issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community today, like:

  • What is section 28?

  • Can anyone catch AIDS?

  • Why did Donna Summer go disco?

Queer history is more than just rainbow flags, pride parades and listening to George Micheal. Understanding the complicated system of Government bills, historic marches and social politics is really hard. 

Unlike dry and humourless history books, this book is infused with personal stories and pop culture references. Forget descriptions or dummies; this is history for huns.

Homo History is a fun and engaging blaze through the main issues affecting the queer community today; and how we got here. Although light in tone it doesn’t shy away from tackling important issues; such as gay body dysmorphia and conversion therapy. It will help you understand yourself, and manage your own feelings, whilst also giving you the juicy stories on the first gay tv kiss or why Ellen Degeneres got sacked from her tv show.

This book celebrates queer figures and allies with profiles on known (and not yet known) celebrities such as Alan Turning, Ethel Smyth, April Ashley and Madonna, highlighting the huge progress the community has made in the past 100 years and giving you the hidden details you've overlooked.

Based on my Guardian recommended, Apple top 10 podcast, ‘Matter of Pride’, this book makes the perfect gift to celebrate pride month in June for coworkers, family members or newly queer teens.

The book is available for preorder NOW. Paperback will be released on 5th May 2024 in time for Gay Pride month. 

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