Sitcom Trials: Brum dates

The deadline has passed and we are laughing through the scripts on offer to find our favourite characters and relationships in the entrants for this year prestigious "So You Think You Can Write Funny". There's two chances for you to catch the Midlands talent on offer. The first is our selection day, on May 28th (that's the bank holiday, so no excuses for being tired). We will be workshopping our long list of entrants with actors and directors, performing script in hand with the audience - that's you - choosing their winners. Fast tracked to this stage already is last years winner, The Cleaners, from Constable and Saunders. The top 4 from that stage will perform with a full cast on July 9th -

Absurdly Fabulous

After working on our Christmas themed show (in the heat of summer) You, Me and Monkey have ensured our next show has a better wardrobe. What could have better clothing than a tribute to Absolutely Fabulous. The threesome are turning our skills to improvising brand new episodes - live on stage. The sitcom itself represents everything we love about good comedy: strong characters, believable relationships and absurdity. We can't wait to don our louboutins and curl our eyelashes for some rip roaring humour. Tickets for our first performance are onsale NOW. Friday 5th August, Birmingham MAC. Click for tickets.

Aerial Photoshoot

Had super fun times in an aerial photoshoot with my friends at CircusMash (who just won an award for their business skills) in February. Spent a lot of time playing about with characters - all experimentation for immersive cabaret piece we're considering for next year. Anyone who guesses what animal that is meant to be wins a small prize* *The prize is pride. 'Pride' is not a hint.

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