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Sitcom trials go to Gilded Balloon (via Birmingham)

Delighted to announce we will be hosting a Birmingham Heat for the national Sitcom Trials, culminating in an Edinburgh Fringe showcase at Gilded Balloon as part of the legendary "So you think you're funny" competition.

I will once again be performing and producing the trials in conjunction with the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC Birmingham).

Entries are now open. Full details below.

Really excited to find scripts with authentic voices, real characters - full of depth and flaws - and above all else.... FUNNY! Uniquely, this year, we are opening the competition out to writer/performer teams to submit. Improvisers, sketch groups, musical acts - all welcome.

Furthermore, in Birmingham, we will be offering a development day - ahead of the heat - with up to 6 scripts - to workshop their offering with a group of actors and directors. This invaluable experience will help us shape the best midlands scripts possible and allow writers to experience the process of bringing a script to life: warts and all.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that pen to paper and start writing.

Entry details:

Writer-performers will need to provide video evidence of their performance, along with their entry. This can be a Youtube or other online clip of them performing either the script that's being entered, or any other comparable work. This is by means of an audition.

Send scripts as Word docs or PDF files to by midnight March 31st 2016.

All scripts must include:

1) Name and contact address of writers (we will need this to help choose the appropriate venue for heats, if chosen)

2) Cast of characters with character descriptions

3) Any links to videos for writer-performed entries

The Sitcom Trials organisers reserve the right to select all entrants and decisions taken by the organisers and judges are final.

The deadline for entries is March 31st 2016. Updates and further details are at and via Facebook & Twitter

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