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Disney promised we'd be princesses, so why are we crying into our Haagen-Dazs?

Forget kissing frogs and marrying trolls, let’s rewrite the rules and bring back princess power with help from our friends Kate Middleton (Royal princess), Jasmine (Disney princess) and Britney Spears (pop princess). Personal, interactive and inspirational how-to on dating for 21st century wannabe princesses.


A show for anyone who has ever loved, been loved or longed for a diamond the size of their fist.



"A show for all those who love fabulousness, glam and meaningful comedy, I think Twitchen has brought one of the best free Fringe comedy shows to Edinburgh.”                                                                                                      - Broadway Baby


This is easily my favourite (and I think best) show. It played to full houses most days and audiences really went with the vibe of the show & its message. It received 3 pick of the fringes ahead of its run (FringeReview, SGFringe and SoSoGay) as well as two 4 Star reviews.

I knew I wanted to write a show about love and relationships, but the true inspiration for this show came from two things: winetime with my best friend and the Spice Girls. Spice Girls were all about friendship, being true to themselves and aspiring to achieve. Thats the feeling I wanted to capture in the show.


The show previewed ahead of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was a part of Laughing Horse Fringe Festival.


Praise for Princess Guide to Dating


"At times the humour generated purely by Twitchen’s personality outweighs that of the material... Straight, gay, it really doesn’t matter; if you’re game for a laugh, you’ll enjoy the show." - ThreeWeeks


"This was a laugh, in fact the laughs started a good 20 minutes before the show even began with delicious camp banter from Twitchen as he prepared the set and the room filled with audience." 4 Stars - SGFringe


"A welcoming host, he knew how to handle a difficult venue and overflowing audience with good humour and concern. Twitchen has an amazing stage presence; holding the audience’s attention with his highly energetic personality." 4 Stars - BroadwayBaby


Top pick of the fringe: SGFringe, SoSoGay

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