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Ever felt crazier than Mel Gibson in a synagogue? You may have had a Quarter Life Crisis! Three quarters of 25-year-olds have experienced the phenomenon sweeping the nation quicker than Bieber-fever. As twenty-nothings leave university they are facing a world with no jobs, no hopes, no Woolworths.


More than just interactive stand-up, join Aaron to tackle his issues and diagnose yours. Be a Britney; not a Whitney.



"Twitchen’s a terrific host, kind and self-deprecating with plenty of catty put-downs”  

                                                         The Skinny


My first solo show was aimed at overcoming that difficult early 20′s. Quarter Life Crisis is a real genuine condition (well, in America anyways) and I wanted to explore it through a comedic medium to see if we could help people.


It was great fun; very interactive, with lots of dancing and audience input. It really utilised my improvisational, compere skills which a section dedicated to making the audience dreams come true.


It was well received, receiving 4 stars from ThreeWeeks and being a ScotsGay top 100 pick of the fringe.



Praise for Quarter Life Crisis


“Hilarious, warm, energetic and capable of busting some awesome moves, Twitchen is a Quadruple Threat, the kind of new act that should have talent scouts excited and other comedians feeling nervous. Keep a close eye on this one.” - Skinny


"Brilliant fun and, although you may not be rid of your crisis, you’ll definitely leave with a smile" 4 Stars - ThreeWeeks



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