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I grew up obsessed with Beauty queen movies...

Mr Gay England finalist 2020.jpg “Miss Congeniality” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous”. What they taught me (even though they’re fiction) is that a beauty queen should be more than just a pretty face.


Whether its Gracie Hart solving a blackmail plot or Rebecca Ann Lehman blowing up her rivals; a beauty queen needs something to believe in.


I believe in advocacy for gay rights. Particularly the presence of same sex relationship education in school. That’s why my last solo show, Can't Stop A Rainbow, was inspired by the park field school riots. I'm priviliged to have a voice on stage (however camp that voice may be) and I want to ensure that my jokes have content and meaning. 

Most of you will know me as a stand up comic, or an actor, or a circus aerialist. I am all those things but I have also worked extensively in areas of social justice and inequality. I led a research piece into early rehabilitation of domestic abuse perpetrators. I developed programs to tackle type 2 diabetes. I presented to the House of Lords about tackling young peoples health with mobile phones. 

Whether it was working for the police or winning volunteer of the year at my University (Coventry. Before it was respectable. When the student union was just an old school hall with a discoball in it) I have tried to do what I can to improve the world around me and make a difference. This feels like a natural next step.


I want to win the crown so I can use my voice to fight for those that don’t have one (and because crowns are pretty). Growing up in rural Devon with no gay representation I could never have considered growing up to have the opportunities I have had - the chance to become MR Gay England was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

An element of this competition is about fundraising. An obvious part of social engagement. I will be running a number of events to raise money towards the chosen charities (details below) but if you would like to support me you can donate via my GoFundMe.   

All the profits from my merch store will be going directly to the funds. 

Just think of it like buying a vote. Which, lets face it, we all would have liked to have done in the last few elections. 




This years charities are:

The Charlie & Carter Foundation: The Charlie Cookson Foundation provides financial support to the parents of seriously ill children with life limiting conditions which require 24 hour nursing care or specialist nursing facilities.
The Foundation raises awareness of the difficulties faced by parents and carers who care for seriously ill children and strives to improve the quality of life of sick and seriously ill children by providing information, advice and support.
They have established strong working relationships with professionals working in local hospitals to ensure that the needs and wishes of parents, carers and children are heard and considered

Northern Pride: Organises the Northn Pride Festival. 

The festival has become a regional event with a large following and we aim to build on this in the future to ensure we achieve our mission statement:

“To proudly promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender culture through public celebration of our heritage and engaging in education and cultural activities that enrich the community, whilst raising awareness of the issues LGBT people face, building mutual respect and working to end discrimination”

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Aaron Twitchen Mr Gay England 2020 finalist
Aaron Twitchen Mr Gay UK 2020 finalist
Aaron Twitchen Mr Gay England 2020 finalist
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