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A comedy show about friendship, love and wine

Deadlines and Diets... dirty drinks and dodgy dates.

Dear Diary... the world has changed, relationships are not like the old days, you know? You can't just run around in a tank top not giving a shit anymore. Apparently.


I need to write a show about life when everyone else seems to do just that teensy little bit better than you. Everyone's marrying, while I stress about the double tick on WhatsApp. Instead of getting down about it, let’s just dance around in our underwear singing Taylor Swift in the shower.


Imma write a show for all those people, working nine til five, living for the weekend. Oh diary, I hope it works...


Love, Aaron (Aged 27... and 6 quarters)



"Twitchen is an assured stand-up and navigates both his material and his venue with style...a flexible improviser, in tune with the spirit of live comedy" - Broadway Baby

"has an uncanny ability to steer things into laughter when they don’t initially follow the correct path, or when something goes wrong...  obviously shows huge potential" TVBomb


Deadlines and Diets had a fantastic run at Leicester, Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, including runs in Birmingham and beyond. Big shout out thanks to all the fantastic staff that supported the project, including Comedy Cow, Caroline of Brunswick, Laughing Horse and Blind Poet.

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